Thursday, June 4, 2015

A sweet escape in Malacca

  After the short briefing in Muar ( you can read the prev entry by clicking this ) i managed to plan a short getaway with my family. Since they accompanied me along to Muar, i thought we crucially needed to spend our holidays in Malacca which is +/-30 km frm Muar.

  Sometimes we grumble when we are asked to do many tasks by our boss.. It happens to me all the times.. Haha! But we never know there is always a rainbow after the rain. After the dreadful meeting, i finally had my all holidays to spend with my loved ones.

  All hotels were fully booked since it was the first week of school holidays. Thanks to Agoda because we managed to get a room (actually it was a studio aprtmnt with jacuzzi) in Bayou Lagoon Resort.So there you go,, kaching kaching money! 

  The room is charged all in one with the water theme park for two days! You get free breakfast (mcm biasa) in the morning  before you check out. 

  This holiday was a memorable one 
because i celebrated my wedding anniversary which is on 31/5, being surrounded with my husband and kids. What do you think the jacuzzi for?? Hahahaha :p

Can you spot where is my husband in the pic? Lol!!

 Kay, i dont hv to explain that 🙈

  We had our breakfast together the next morning, just two of us coz the girls were still zonked out after the diving series 😂😂. 

  Till we meet again in the next entry!!



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