Friday, May 17, 2013

Teacher's Day; the way i celebrate it...

As a teacher,,every year i will celebrate teacher's day...
The first-two years were exciting as i taught lower secondary level.
I got a lot of presents frm my students..
Mugs,,pens-red colour,,frame,,shawl,,cards,,key chain...

Now i'm teaching upper secondary level,,the responds are diferent..

Not just the respond,,the feeling as well..
No excitement as the years before..
Is it a sign of ages?
Haha :D

,,since my daughters have grown up, i celebrate it in    my own way.
I encourage my kids to appreciate their teachers..

This year,,as what i did in the previous year,,i asked Pearl and Emerald to list down their teachers'names. It would be easier for me to buy the presents. We have decided to buy red pens and paper clips. I tied both pen n clip with pink ribbon. They were happy yesterday as they went to school with not empty handed. 

For my little Kaisah,,this is her first year, giving some presents to her teachers..well,she just 3 years old,yet i want her to appreciate her teachers at the nursery. Since her teachers are not using red pen,,i could not find the best *cheapest* presents :P

I tried to find the aprons at the giant yesterday wit Pearl n Emerald but i couldnt find one..after we mingled around for half an hour,,i decided to buy a small mug. It costs less than rm2.00.. i bought 10 mugs and a packet of roka chocolate for the kids at the nursery..

This morning,,i sent her to school. I told her that they were going to celebrate teacher's day at the kindergarten..she smiled..i didnt know if she understood but she nodded her head when i showed the bag that she should bring along today..

Hopefully the teachers are going to love is just a small token frm us..i really appreciate them coz thy take my responsibility when i am not around..

Thank you,teachers.....

The Celebration in May

It's May...
What makes it different to the other months in a year?
in May i celebrate my birthday on 5th May =)

No cake,,candle,,coz everyone was overwhelmed with the election day,,even a few days before and until now..
Politics is the most common issue talked by people nowadays and i wonder when it would end...

For my birthday,,
I received a special card and gifts frm my kids..
Although i did not give them allowance,,they spent their pockets money to buy something fr me..

Unfortunately,,the gifts have been screwed up by my little qaisara just before i managed to take the pictures..
It was a set of stationary with the note book..
Of course their little sister is too eager to write on it..

Nvrtheless,,here is the special card made by Emerald ♥ 

A surprise 'guess' handbag  fr me given by mr hubby.thank you very much ♥

Million thanks to friends and family for the wishes in the facebook,,instagram,,twitter,,and sms. I really appreciate that..may Allah rewards all of u happiness in your lives..amin...

Celebrating my birthday and Mother's Day..where else---->LEGOLAND! A place that can make my daughters happy :)

Finally..for the ending of May,,i'm celebrating Teacher's Day..Once again,,thank you to all who sent me the wishes..You guys are great! :')

This was taken yesterday during the celebration at my school.. the theme is..."if your were not a teacher...."
guess what I'm wearing? :) It was a mix n match frm the closet.. credits to my sis in law who is really generous to let me wear her gorgeous coat to complete my attire :)

Thanks again to all who makes my  May beautifully and unforgettable memory..
Till then,,bye..mmuahhhh~~

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Tmrrow is 5.5.2013

Yes! Tmrrw is 5th May 2013.

For Malaysian citizens,
Tmrrw is the day where we have to go out and fulfill our responsibilities. It is an election day!

Apart frm that,,tmrrw is my red day as it is my birthday! Yessss! I will turn to 33 tmrrw..
Cant believe it!

Lets talk about the election since everyone is soooo overwhelmed with it. I cant deny,,everyone tries to promote and campaign their parties..facebook,,twitter,,these are mediums used by people to show their stands and beliefs. Although  we have different opinions and views,yet i strongly believe,,at the end of the day, we fight and dream for better lives..

Currently,,i'm not really interested with the different ideologies. What is bothering me right now are the values showed by them in order to achieve their dreams..
Bit by bit,,i notice some people have lost their rationality because they are too obsessed with their choices.

Hence, I'm looking forward fr tmrrw as i really want to know how it will end.
No matter how the result is,,i hope we can take it positively because it is hard to satisfy all of us.

Till then,,bye and happy election day =)