Saturday, April 21, 2012


As i hv posted in the previous entry,,my KRS boys' team has won the first place for district level in marching competition on 9/4/2012


It is not an easy task to congregate these 36 students in one platun.. as u can see in the picture,,some are missing..hehe..

Daily training are started at 3 pm,,but they will turn up at 4pm!!! Yelling is a common thing that i always do in order to give instructions, yet they assumed it as a melodious voice came out frm my mouth :p

Well,then,,after the all hard work...i think we deserve this :)

Working on Saturday!


It is Saturday, yet i'm still my working area..

i have been working for 3 Saturdays in a row including today...
Next week will be a sports carnival on Saturday.... again!!

The weather is very romantic,,wet and rainy since the morning..
Guess what.. only 4 students turn up in my form 4 class..
then,,8 students in my form 5 class..the rest???
i bet they are still enjoying themselves,,cuddling in the blanket...hehe~~

Okay,,i still need to update my students' data online..yesterday the line was okay,,but today is like a little bit 'hampeh'..the due date is tmrrw..still have a few more to update..

see in the next entry..till then..enjoy ur weekend..bye :)

Friday, April 20, 2012

Grey in Friday!

As salam there...
Today is friday!!  The day that i'm looking forward every week as it is the sign of weekend! *bigsmile*

Nevertheless,, i still hv to come tmrrow :(

today's mode :: GREY-silver  mode!

wearing the whole grey-silver from top to toe...i feel grey :)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I'm back!

Oh my gucci...i cudnt believe my last post was last year!!hehe..yup3x,,i'm damn busy wit my my life in u guys miss me?? is there anyone,out there went to search my new entry??eheheheh,,,*syok sendiri*

As an ICT co-ordinator, plus my hectic time table of teaching,,,it is impossible for me to keep update my journey.. i have 3 princessess to look after and a prince charming who always need my attention :)
Besides, i'm in charged of the KRS school's team n netball team. Guess what?? my KRS platun has won and we will represent our district to the next level that will be held in MUAR... a part of my tense has relieved because i have continued the history of winning the competition for 4 years in a row!!! huhhhhh~~~  :)
Besides, this year is the memorable year for KRS school's team because for the first time we have the KRS girls' team..previously,,we only have we hv 2 platuns.. *bigsmile*

Got to goo..,,, will c in the next entry sooonnn...peace yo!