Monday, August 26, 2013

Splendid Eid Al-Fitr


Hope it's not too late to wish all Muslims Happy Celebrating Eid Al-Fitr in this wonderful 'barakah' Syawal. 
The school was closed for 2 weeks..of course i was extremely on the cloud nine..make sure the free-2 weeks given being utilised maximally

Well,,the celebration was just as similar as the years before.. I feel blessed,,having a husband who is born and has a family in Johor. We have never come across to the idea of planning our budgets on the highways or fueling the oil tank as our families and relatives live nearby. We went to my mom's house in the morning and by noon we had arrived at my husband's family's house. 

Us,on the first Eid..My daughters were wearing red peplum..They had worn it once on my sister in law's wedding last December..i refused to buy new clothes for them as the red peplum are still new and fit with them. i have to be a thrifty mother during these festive events coz we are going to celebrate it for a month :)

Our second day of celebration was over the top as we chose the princess theme and wearing the same colour, pattern and the material of clothes. My daughters love their dresses very much as they can spin around,letting their dresses blown by the wind. Walk and smile like a princess...experience the fairy tales for a day.. Kudos to my youngest sister in law for helping us sewing the lace beautifully on our dresses. 

The following days were still in the Eid mode up till today :)
So,,Happy Hari Raya to all of you...I am humbly apologised for my mistakes..Let's start the new brand day with a joy and happiness :)