Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Engagement Day!

Definitely not me who is going to engage..
It was my sister in law..Sunday 13/5/2012

We went back for the preparation on Saturday morning :) my children were xtremely xcited n happy for the red day! Pose before we went back to Kota Tinggi..

A day before

Working on theseee......on the night before..

On The Engagement Day

My children wit their aunty(the one who is wearing the red-white skirt) ;)

Me n my husband..testing the food,,marvellous!

Presenting me & my husband's sisters..nice!

New to the family..
wake up mr hubby..it's a cheeeeseee :p
kaisah missed this precious moment.. she was sleeping beauty in the room~~

Although it was tiring, we really enjoyed to have all the families around. The wedding day will be at the end of this year.. Congratulations to the couple..we'll wait for the Big Day soon ;)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Drowning in the sea of books!

hi readers..how's ur day? mine is a little bit disaster today! Currently..i hv a tonne of books need to be checked. I need to return the books as my students r going to sit for their mid year exam..definitely they want to do revision... i dun think i would b able to finish checking by today.. i'll try my best but seriously my head is going to explode!

Shouting for a help! Does anyone out there can help me with these books..they are everywhere...in my car,,on the stairs..on my table...arggghhhh! *tension*

Monday, May 7, 2012

I am 32 now!

"Hepi bufday to meeeee
Hepi bufday to meeeee
Hepi bufday to meeeee
Hepi bufday to meeeee"

Last Saturday,, 5 May 2012 was my birthday.. i am 32 years old now..Time is really fliesss..Since it was Saturday plus public holiday,, i took the chance to celebrate it wit my dear ones..of course..my little family ..i love them veryy much..

    My husband & my 3 little kiddos...Ironically,,sometimes they make my life disaster,but at the end,,they will be always by my side..
My little 'baby' in her polka-dots..she looked soo serious! hehe~~

Mr husband..as usual,,busy with his gadget while my eldest enjoyed her meal

Next destination,,JPO!

Wish for this bufday??
Feel shy to ask more frm God..i feel grateful and blessed to have families and friends around me..i pray this love will be last long  ..Syukran~~

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Nothin important to share..just dropped by to throw a piece of entry :)

Yesterday was a labour day..definitely..school off!

We (me n my little family) went to buy some kitchen's stuff.. i loveeeee shopping!

And,,,as usual..thing will nvr go as wat we have planned..my focus was only on the groceries item..buttttttttt....arghhh,,i dun hv to finish ths line... guess what?? he hee,,till then,,bye~~ :)