Monday, June 11, 2012

New timetable!

Back to school after enjoying 2 weeks superb holidays..

i dun know why i coudnt fit in myself wit the surrounding today..
 i receive new teaching timetable this morning..

a little bit changes..previously,, form 5 = 3 classes,, form 4 = 2 classes..

now,,, form 5 = 4 classes,,form 4 = 1 class

this is like a 'tembak' for me coz four SPM classes..definitely i 'kene jawab' on audit nxt year if their results turn to hell!

nevertheless,,still have one gud news ..i am no longer a form teacher..hehe..i dun have to deal with the attendance,,that is the most important thing..huhh...

well,,i still have a ton of exam papers..need to submit the marks by tomorrow..can u imagine marking the essay non stop..trying hardly to give marks although the content was pointless?? :(

Wednesday, June 6, 2012



i'm enjoying the mid year school's break for 2 weeks..definitely it is a blast holidays for me to have a wonderful rest..far frm the hectic life espclly my boss..huhu~~

well..rite now i'm spending a few days at my parents in law's house in Kota Tinggi wit my kids.. actually we just went back frm a short unplanned trip to Genting and KL.. one of the most place that i wanted to shop definitely IKEA..we managed to get there and brought some items that i never found in JB before..guess what?? hehe,,wont tell it..let me hang it first..ooppss,,u can keep guessing  *wink*

the school is going to open nxt week..which means i have to come down to earth and face the music :(
in fact..i have a stack of exam papers which i havent marked yet..'s really torturing me inside..keep praying i'll be able to finish it by Saturday.. till then..see yaa ;)