Monday, April 22, 2013

blogging via samsung tab

Hi peeps..
I'm lying on my bed rite now,,watching my daughters fall asleep..
It's 9.40 p.m.
I am thinking to mark some books and plan to sleep at 12 tonite..
This is the typical of me..always ambitious to do somethg which it will b ended with nothg..
I bring back many books everyday..hoping that i can mark the books,yet i failed to do so.

Everytime i see my daughters are sleeping,,i cant just take my eyes frm my pillows..
I feel really old..
Sleeping does make me feel better..

Im actually blogging via my samsung tab..
I did prviously but i found tht i cant insert any pictures if im using this gadget..

Oh my! It's working this time!Extremelyyy exctd!
Haha,,i just tried my luck and it worked!

Ok,,as you can see the pic was taken during the netball tournament. In case if u still didnt recognise me,,im standing on the left side..wearing the pink guava hijab. Below, is the score when we defeated smk haa?

Ok,,let me press the 'publish' button and see if this entry wil appear in my blog page. Now,i can blog regularly than usual!till then,,bye..assalam~~


Hello world! How I wish to blog daily..As a mother of three little cute monsters and a working mom as well,,my life is incredibly busy..i admit,sometimes i envy to see bloggers out there keep updating their blogs..
How do you manage your time?
u need to teach me seriously especially in time management..

Well..there are several things happened in my life..
I want to blog it so i could remember my journeys after some time..
Besides sharing it with you,,i want to record everything,,moments,,happiness,,sadness that happened all around me..
But seriously,,im easily get tired after a long hard day of working plus doing the domestic works at home ;)

oh yes..i just finished with the netball tournament last week.
it took 3 days and i did not enter the class on those days..
i did not turn up during my pro elt course..
yes,,i forgot to update that i was selected to participate in this course for a year..
it is more on upskilling my teaching and language..
i just hope by the end of the year,,there will be perhaps a huge improvemnt in my teaching..
i bet that was the objectives when the gov suddnly came out with this brillianttttttt idea..huhu

well,,i will blog about my mr arnold later..if i had time,,surely not now
back to my netball tournament,
my school team succeed to play until the quarter final
we were so suprised as this was our first time,,able to play up to this level..
we have come this far..
it was a joyous moment,,unexpected thing happened..
nvrtheless,,i was thinking to walk off  from this team next year..
it has been 3 years fr me in this team..
being the manager for my school's netball team was not easy..
the date is clashed with my cadet team..
after cadet,,i have to focus on netball..then,back to cadet fr the state level..
the competition will be held next month,in may..
see,,how hectic my co-curricular activity was..
half of me believed that my cadet will go for the state level,,but partially refused to accept it..
this year is quite challenging since all the senior students have completed their form 5 studies..
my colleagues and I tried hardly to find the new cadet to make sure we can win this year..
Fortunately,,we made it and this was our 5th times in a row being the champion for district level..

ohh..soo many things to blog..i wish i could pull out everything but i have tonne of works to do..hopefully to continue this entry soon..insyaallah..assalam~~
will catch up later